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Panda Madness Pattern Series

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator, Procreate

Panda Madness is a pattern design series that showcases what kind of personality they have. Personally, I am a massive lover of pandas. They are so relaxed and chill, yet also funny and mischievous.

Brainstorming &Sketches

Before the idea of “Panda Madness” came to light, I wanted to create a pattern that centered around a certain theme. The word “theme” was too broad to even start sketching out ideas, I needed to lead my brain in different directions of where I can take an idea and make it into a design. I created a chart that had no structure, essentially to get any thoughts and ideas on paper.

There were about 10 different themes that stood out to me the most out of the entire chart. With these themes, I instantly thought of an idea of what I could work with. Instead of drawing and sketching out an entire pattern, each individual sketch is a collection of what will be included.

Pattern Design Version 1

The first draft of the pattern was done in Adobe Illustrator. The issue with the first draft I noticed instantly as there is too much white space between the pandas and the bamboo. Although it is important to have some breathing room in the pattern, it seemed a bit too much. Besides the issue with the breathing room, I think taking an illustrative approach would have been stronger.

Final Designs

Instead of vector images of the pandas and the bamboo, I tried a different program, Procreate. This allowed me to give more of an illustrative approach to the design and give the pandas more life to them. Including a subtle bamboo pattern in the background prevents distraction from the panda’s personality, giving it more life than just a plain color, while also including the panda’s favorite yummy treat!

To add to this pattern design series, I also had each of the pandas stand out on their own, giving them their own spotlight and showing off their personality


To showcase these cute and quirky pandas, down below is a collage products being applied with not just the pattern, but also the 3 series of pandas.

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