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Laundry Day Pattern Design

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator

Laundry Day is a motif pattern design revolving around the dreaded laundry day. The pattern gives a fun and bubbly feel, making the dreaded laundry day much more exciting!


Since I didn’t have a set idea of what I could create, I created a chart in which I jotted down any words, phrases, or themes that came immediately to my mind. There was one idea that stuck out to me out of everything, which was laundry. The reason why it stuck out to me the most is that my other ideas have been done before. Plants, characters, etc., seemed to be generic and done plenty of times before.


With the Laundry idea coming into frame, I wanted to incorporate all different elements of what is used/happens when doing laundry. Things like washer and dryer, detergent, clothes, bubbles, all popped into mind. Instead of just having those elements floating around each other, I wanted to bring them all together.

Refined Sketch

I wanted to piece together all of the individual elements of laundry together, so they all served a purpose in the design rather than having them float around one another. With the washer, I added different directions of the water, to help give a bit more variety rather than having them be in the same direction.

Final Design

With the subtle bubble pattern in the background, it helps bring together all of the laundry illustrations and brings a “clean” feel to the overall design.

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