Hey there! I'm Ashley!

Hey there! My I’m Ashley Widlund and I’m a Graphic & Interactive Designer. I specialize in packaging design, branding, textiles, and digital art! I am currently wrapping up my last year at Millersville University with a Bachelor of Design degree. To me, art is a freedom of expression. Art can hold so much power, whether it be sending an important message to society, creating nothing into something, or it being a universal language. Since I was little, I loved creating things, turning something from an idea, and making it a reality.

I could list a lot of design skills such as me being detail-oriented, a team player, or an organization freak, but all that is boring. In the design world, I love taking challenges and going outside my comfort zone. Trying different styles and different types of designs is what pushes me to become a better designer.

Behind the scenes, I might seem quiet and reserved, but I’m actually quite outgoing once you get to know me. I love meeting new people with different backgrounds and experiences, getting to know what makes them who they are. Also, if you are a massive dog lover and a gaming nerd, we’ll get along immediately.

Curious about my skills and experience? Attached here is my resume.